Bridging the Generation Gap

Elderly Care in Brookfield, IL – Find Common Ground as a Caregiver for the Elderly

Elderly Care in Brookfield, IL Senior citizens today lived during much different times that generations growing up today. The gap between those who may require some type of elderly care and those who would provide it now is significant.

It’s a good idea to be aware of this gap and to take steps to bridge the gap to ensure that the elderly patient is not only comfortable with the elder care provider but that they also provide the optimal level of care possible.


One of the most significant differences between today’s elderly generation is that those who are significantly older, such as in their 80s, they grew up during or in the aftermath of the Great Depression. Movies were a rare treat. Going out to a restaurant was a once a year event, if they were lucky.

They didn’t waste food, they reused many items, and invested in repairing appliances and even clothing rather than throwing them out. Today’s generations don’t have the same respect (on average) for most material things, they take entertainment for granted, and don’t think twice about dropping $50 or more on a meal out once a week, or more frequently than that.

An elderly individual may be reluctant to spend money on services or products that might help them because they don’t believe it’s important enough.


While there are plenty of people from all generations who respect others, culturally younger generations don’t have as much respect for their elders, peers, or anyone who is different than them, or who disagrees with them.

Respect is crucial when it comes to elderly care. If you don’t respect the elderly patient, then you are doing them and yourself a disservice.


Today’s generations are considered to have an ‘entitlement’ mentality, meaning they believe they are entitled to things like smartphones, every cable channel, or getting paid well for work that our forefathers worked hard for. It’s important to keep in mind that expectations with regard to work can be much different.

An elderly patient may be expecting the caregiver to do certain things to assist them, but the caregiver may believe that the patient should be doing more for themselves in order to keep active and feel as though they’re accomplishing something.

Elderly care isn’t meant to provide house cleaning services for the patient; it’s meant to provide a support system for someone who is struggling with their health, strength, or ability to do things for themselves.

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