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Home Care Services in Berwyn, ILKids are amazing beings. They have the ability to see the world in clear, straightforward terms without all the clutter and ambiguity that we attribute to the adult world. However, they also lack maturity which means kids often blurt out what they feel versus what they should respectfully say. When a home changes because a family caregiver decides to provide elder care under the same roof to a senior relative, related children in the same household need to be considered as well.

Setting Parameters

Children are often territorial about their home. After all, it’s the first environment they really know, they grew up in it, and pretty much everything is there space except where mom and dad said stay out. Suddenly, having to share a space or keep out of an area they previously use to play in is going to trigger a reaction. Most of the time it’s just plain curiosity. Who’s moving in? What’s their room like? Is the room still available to play in? etc. The bigger friction will come in areas where a senior automatically feels are his or her space. A sitting location, a bathroom, a closet, and a specific hallway can all become no-go or sensitive areas for children. The sudden change can often cause kids to feel a bit frustrated, as if it was taken away from them. When a move-in occurs, children need to be sat down and gently told what the new parameters of the home will be. They will still have curiosity, but knowing ahead where the new borders are makes a big difference in interaction.

Don’t Treat Seniors Like the Kids

There is no equality between the kids and a senior relative; clearly the relative is older and grown adult. Avoid a “fairness” or “me too” situation by working out concerns separately. Don’t get into a three-way conversation where the senior feels he or she needs argue against the wishes of a child. It sets a bad stage for home care relations. Instead, discuss matters with a senior privately, adult to adult. Then discuss and direct changes with a child separately as well. This approach controls the potential angst and provides seniors the adult respect they often rely upon to feel as an important member of a family.

Help Children Learn About Life Stages

Having a senior in a household can be a great educational opportunity. The modern American life today is so sanitized, many families raise their kids without the children every really knowing what old age may be like. It’s healthy for children to see different phases of life and age, and it helps them treat seniors better as they grow up and interact with people, especially as teens. An elder’s move-in can be a tremendous teaching moment that has a far greater impact than a lesson on manners or a book, especially when kids regularly interact with seniors as a result.

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