4 Themes You Can Try in Your Journal as a Family Caregiver

Here are four different types, but you really don’t need to choose only one. Your journal can be a combination of all four types or you can pick and choose the types that you enjoy.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Elderly Care in Brookfield, IL – Find Common Ground as a Caregiver for the Elderly Senior citizens today lived during much different times that generations growing up today. The gap between those who may require some type of elderly care and those who would provide it now is significant. It’s a good idea to be […]

Elderly Care in Brookfield, IL: Art Therapy

Art therapy has known benefits, and can be used for seniors who still live at home to increase their well-being. The elderly care provider can use art to help the aging adult find new value in life and more ways to enjoy the blessing of each new day. Art therapy is beneficial for anyone who […]