4 Benefits Pets Offer to Those Who Need Senior Care

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Home Care in La Grange, ILPets can offer tremendous benefits to any senior, whether they require some type of care at home or not. June is Adopt a Cat Month and below are four benefits that cats (and even small dogs) can offer seniors at home.

1. Companionship. One of the most important aspects of anyone’s life is interaction with others. Some seniors who live alone may be feeling more isolated as they get older. If their friends pass away, move away, or are no longer able to visit with them, and if they have been living alone for an extended period of time, it can have a direct impact on their emotional state of mind.

Even though a cat or small dog isn’t a human being, these animals can offer valuable companionship. Research studies have shown that just the simple act of petting an animal while they sit on their lap can help to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, and help stave off feelings of isolation and loneliness.

2. Health benefits. As we just mentioned, these small animals can have a tremendously positive impact on a person’s health. By lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety and stress, it can have a direct impact on reducing other risk factors, including heart attack, stroke, and other conditions.

3. They provide purpose. Everyone in life needs a purpose. When people don’t feel like they have a purpose, it can lead to feelings of depression, wondering why they’re still here, and not really understanding the point of life any longer. For a senior who is retired, whose spouse has passed away, who has raised their children and watched them grow up, get married, have children of their own, and maybe even have great-grandchildren, they might not see much value in their life at the moment.

Having another life reliant upon them, such as a cat or dog, can provide them purpose they may be lacking at the moment.

4. The opportunity to get exercise. While cats are generally self-sufficient with regard to activity, dogs require walks on a regular basis. If the senior is able to get around on their own, even if they require a walker or cane, having a small dog that doesn’t pull a lot on a leash could offer them the opportunity to get exercise and regular basis as they take that animal around the block.

If the senior requires care, they should always consult their caregiver (whether it’s a professional or a family member) about the prospect of getting a new pet. They have the right to decide the course of their care, but if they need assistance cleaning the litter box, going for walks, or doing other things to take care of this animal, the caregiver should have some input as well.

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