Are You a Live-In Caregiver in Downers Grove, IL?

Defining your role in the life of an aging loved one is critical for ensuring you understand what you are expected to do, how you are expected to do it, and how to be the best caregiver you can be. This is also important for detecting when your role as a family caregiver is losing the “family” aspect and becoming a burden rather than a satisfying and emotionally fulfilling way you can give back to a loved one.

When you are evaluating your role as a family caregiver, it is important to understand the role that caregivers have in the life of seniors and if you are willing to step fully into that role. One of the best ways you can do this is by evaluating the descriptions of caregiver roles given by senior care agencies. It is likely you considered different Caregiver in Downers Grove, ILtypes of caregivers when trying to establish a beneficial senior care arrangement for your aging loved one and realized that different types of caregivers offer a variety of different levels of care. Exploring these various options can help you clarify your role in your aging loved one’s life so you can determine if you can fulfill this role, or if it would be a better option to hire a caregiver to help your loved one.

One of the most common professional “equivalencies” for family caregivers is a live-in caregiver. This type of caregiver does not really move in to the home of an aging adult (though as a family caregiver you may deviate from this and choose to make your home with your loved one) but is present 24 hours a day during the days when they are “on duty”. The biggest consideration for this type of consideration is that the caregiver is not expected to be awake, active or vigilant throughout the night. If you are family “live-in caregiver” you have the expectation of having a full eight hours of sleep each night in addition to personal time in the evening and the morning. While your loved one may need the occasional instance of assistance or care at night, it is not a regular occurrence and for the most part you will sleep all night, every night without incident.

Another option may be a family home care provider. This type of caregiver provides care for an aging adult in the home during the day or throughout the night. Obviously one person cannot be expected to provide care throughout 24 hour periods without sleep, and will need to have another caregiver available to provide care during “off times”.

Once you have identified the professional equivalent of the type of caregiver you feel you are for your aging loved one currently, find the one that you would prefer to be and find ways to compromise in order to establish an arrangement that works for both you and your loved one.

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