Caregivers in Oak Park, IL: Protecting Elderly Citizens

In today’s world, where many seniors are abused and neglected, there are several steps that each caregiver can do to ensure that seniors are no longer the victims of elder abuse. Organizations and caregivers who are committed to keeping elderly people safe in their own homes should make sure that people in the community are made aware of the signs of elderly abuse. With just a little awareness from the help of in home care providers, the number of elderly victims will decrease.

Learn the Signs of Elderly Abuse

Caregivers in Oak Park, ILThe first thing that every caregiver needs to do is study the signs of elder abuse. Interestingly, the signs are very similar to child abuse. Elderly abuse involves physical, mental, and sexual abuse – just like child abuse. The biggest difference between the two is that elder abuse also involves financial abuse or manipulation.

Check Up on the Local Seniors

It is also important for people to check up on the elderly people in their communities. Whether they check on their neighbors regularly or they call relatives, checking in on seniors is a good way to know whether or not seniors are ok. Not only will it help keep seniors safe, but they will also appreciate the interaction either face to face or over the phone.

Provide Respite to Caregivers who are stressed

Since overly stressed caregivers are more likely to abuse elderly people, it
is helpful to give caregivers some time away. In many cases, caregivers feel committed to providing care, and they do not feel free to take a break. To provide respite for overly stressed caregivers, find a positive ways to insist on them leaving for a few hours. Ensuring they have good reasons to get away can help them feel right about leaving and offer much needed opportunities to cool down and refresh.

Get Community Leaders to Share the Issue

A caregiver can be a valuable source of information about elder abuse in their community. For added impact, team up with others in the community who are committed to keeping elderly people safe.

  • If you attend a church or community organization, it is a good idea to talk to the preacher or leader about discussing elder care abuse with the membership. This is good way to educate a mass of people about this serious problem.
  • It is also helpful to talk to banks in the area about financial exploitation so the tellers and service representatives can be made aware of the problem, too.
  • Another good resource is local internists or emergency room physicians because doctors are often the first to notice that the seniors in their care are being abused.

Make a Difference in Your Community

When a caregiver shares their concern with the community, the numbers of abused elderly citizens decreases. It is amazing what one person can do to make a difference in the lives of elderly citizens and their families.

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