Do you know if your aging loved one is falling?

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of Seniors fall each year and less than half inform their families or doctors. If your loved one has fallen their chances of falling again doubles. The affects of a fall can have serious impact on your loved ones overall well being. Falls are especially traumatizing for Seniors […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for your Aging Loved One

As the Holiday season quickly approaches, it is very easy to become stressed about gift selection. There are several people that you must buy for, including your aging loved ones. Here are some great gift ideas to take the burden of selecting gifts for your aging loved ones off your shoulders. Comfort Comfort is a […]

Transitioning your Loved One to Home Care

Since birth, our parents have been caring for us and looking out for our best interest. As we both grow older, it is time for us children to step up to the plate and take on the caregiver role. As our parents age it can oftentimes be difficult to attend to all their needs on […]

Caregiver Issues: Considering the Safety of Your Home Before Moving Your Senior In

Caregivers in Downers Grove IL For most family caregivers, there comes a time when a very important decision arises in their care journey with their loved ones: whether they should remain in their own home, or if they should transition into living with their caregiver and the rest of their family. Whether your parents are […]

5 Traits of a Superior Caregiver in Downers Grove, IL

Let’s take a moment and talk about what it takes to be a great, or superior caregiver. There are many characteristics that make up a quality caregiver, but five of these traits will truly set you apart from all others. This is not about ego or trying to win an award or anything else like […]

Are You a Live-In Caregiver in Downers Grove, IL?

Defining your role in the life of an aging loved one is critical for ensuring you understand what you are expected to do, how you are expected to do it, and how to be the best caregiver you can be. This is also important for detecting when your role as a family caregiver is losing […]