The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for your Aging Loved One

As the Holiday season quickly approaches, it is very easy to become stressed about gift selection. There are several people that you must buy for, including your aging loved ones. Here are some great gift ideas to take the burden of selecting gifts for your aging loved ones off your shoulders. Comfort Comfort is a […]

Transitioning your Loved One to Home Care

Since birth, our parents have been caring for us and looking out for our best interest. As we both grow older, it is time for us children to step up to the plate and take on the caregiver role. As our parents age it can oftentimes be difficult to attend to all their needs on […]

Using Baking Soda as a Powerful Caregiver Tool

Caregivers in Westchester, IL As a caregiver you are always looking for ways to make your care efforts for your aging loved ones and the rest of your family easier, more affordable, and safer. One of the most effective tools for accomplishing this goal is found right in your kitchen cabinet or laundry room. Baking […]

Overcoming the Physical Challenges as a Caregiver in Westchester, IL

Not only do caregivers face the emotional side of dealing with a loved one who needs care, but they face many physical challenges as well. Sixty-six percent of caregivers in the United States are women. A female caregiver to a man or overweight woman can quickly become overwhelmed by the physical challenges involved and possible […]

Accepting the Emotions that Come with Being a Family Caregiver in Westchester, IL

Few people plan on becoming a family caregivers for their loved ones. It is difficult when we are young to imagine our adult family members aging to the point at which they require ongoing care to take care of their Activities of Daily Living or to manage chronic health concerns. Imagining our older family members […]