Helping Your Elderly Loved One Deal with Dry Mouth

Caregivers in Brookfield, IL Dry mouth happens when your loved one doesn’t have as much saliva in his mouth as he used to. This can even happen while he’s eating, which can make mealtime more difficult for him. Sometimes dry mouth is a side effect of medications that your loved one is taking, but it […]

Caregiver Stress in Brookfield, IL – Caregiving is Something to be Proud Of

It wouldn’t be truthful to say that every caregiver is happy with their role all the time. There are definitely daily struggles to contend with, stress to deal with, and a pervasive lack of time and energy. Caregiving is multi-faceted, with many facets showing at one time. It can be both fulfilling and exhausting at […]

Caregivers in Brookfield, IL: Tips for Clothing to Help You Give the Best Care

As a caregiver for an aging loved one, your days are going to be anything but lazy. At any given point throughout the day you could be: Getting your loved ones out of bed Dressing them Helping them bathe Preparing meals and helping them eat Doing laundry Washing dishes Tidying the house Buying groceries Running […]