How Halloween can be stress-free for your aging loved one

Halloween is fast approaching, and although it’s a time of celebration and fun, it’s also a stressful time for those who suffer from memory loss or Alzheimer’s. Despite its fun and lighthearted notion, Halloween can prove to be an issue for seniors—as well as their family and friends. The constant opening and closing of their […]

Pets and Companionship: Is a pet a good idea for your aging loved one?

There’s nothing better than coming home to a companion who cannot contain their excitement to see you, jumping up and down, waiting for you to say hi. As our parents age, it’s only natural that we begin to worry about them living on their own—especially if they have been widowed.   Many studies have shown […]

When it’s Time to Consider Extra Care

How can I know when it’s time to get my parents some extra care? Our parents have spent their entire lives looking out and caring for us. Even into adulthood it’s easy to continue viewing our parents as our caregivers, but there does come a time when the roles are reversed. As your parents age, […]

Alzheimer’s: What to Watch For

Alzheimer’s is a scary thing to think about. The possibility of not remembering the beautiful life you’ve lived is shattering and falling victim to the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s is terrifying. What You Need to Know: Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging, but aging is the greatest known risk factor – most people […]

How to help seniors and loved ones learn about fall prevention

A fall is often defined by a sudden and unintentional change in position resulting in an individual landing at a lower level, such as on an object, floor, or on the ground, with or without injury. Falls can be devastating to the affected individual and can also be expensive to manage. The cost increases even […]

Is Being a Caregiver for Mom Putting a Strain on Your Relationship?

Caregivers in Chicago, IL – It May Be Time to Consider Home Care to Reduce Your Stress Level The moment Alice realized her mother needed some type of care at home, she stepped up to be the caregiver. At first it seemed like this was going to be an ideal situation. Alice only lived about […]

Fall Craft Ideas a Caregiver Can Promote for Seniors and Grandkids in Chicago, IL

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year, with the change of seasons, leaves changing color, and a slew of holidays just around the corner. There are also a lot of things that elderly individuals can do as far as crafts are concerned. Most of the craft ideas that they can do can be done […]