Caregiver Observances: Stress Awareness Month

Caregivers in River Forest IL: April is Stress Awareness Month, the perfect time for you to be honest with yourself about the stress that you are experiencing.

The ‘Non-Certified Caregiver:’ What Does this Mean and Does it Matter in River Forest, IL?

Hiring a caregiver for an elderly loved one is a great responsibility. During the process, you are going to hear and learn a lot about various terms for in-home care providers. You will also learn about things to look for as well as things to avoid. You will hear the term “independent contractor” with regard […]

Caregivers in River Forest, IL: Treat your Feet

When feet hurt, people tend to become less mobile. Less mobility is associated with a host of other health problems. Our feet are important – they take us everywhere we go. The importance of good foot health, and pain-free feet cannot be ignored. It is a commonly-believed untruth that we should expect our feet to […]