Home Care for Parkinson’s Disease: Helping Your Aging Parent Get the Rest They Need

Home Care in Oakbrook IL: Use these tips to help your aging parent get the rest that they need as they progress through Parkinson’s Disease.

The Bright Spot in the Day for Someone with Vision Problems May be Home Care

Home Care in Oakbrook, IL Kelly had often been an extremely social person throughout most of her life. As she got older, though, things began to change. She had a tendency to withdraw from activities, spending time with friends, and more. This was a curious change in her behavior that caused her family a significant […]

Home Care in Oakbrook, IL – 5 Common Myths of Caregiving

Just as with many other things, caregiving has its myths. Some of them may sound familiar to you while others may not. As a caregiver hearing these myths may help you see a wider view of things and hopefully help you to feel less stress and guilt. You spend a lot of time and energy […]

Don’t Wait for a Crisis – Home Care Services Oakbrook Terrace IL

A daughter was anxious and undecided about bringing in home care for her mother. Then her mom had a fall when she was alone and had to be hospitalized.  During hospitalization, her independence sharply declined and before her release the daughter had a very short time to set up a full schedule of home care. […]

How Home Care can Help Manage Your Grief in Oakbrook, IL

Everyone deals with loss and grief differently. However, as we age, death comes more often and is faced on a much more regular basis. The most difficult loss is the loss of a spouse; of course, who has grown old with you and shared your life. There are different stages of grief which everyone goes […]