Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One During the Holidays

shutterstock_341120354Growing up as a young child, holidays are designed as a time to spend and cherish memories with friends and extended family. As we grow older, we have to accept that holiday traditions will change due to aging loved ones. Since the holidays are meant to spend time with family, how do you cope when a loved one has passed?

When celebrating the holidays, we tend to miss our loved ones more than usual due to the grieving memories that magnify the loss. Watching others who are celebrating the holidays when you are grieving can be overwhelming and lonely. The holidays cause us to realize how much our lives truly change when you suffer the loss of a loved one. Remember sometimes the anticipation of a holiday can be more difficult than the day itself.

Here are some ways that can help you cope with the loss of a loved one during the holiday season:

Create New Holiday Traditions

If the passing of your loved one is recent, you are left with having to create new family rituals and traditions.  If you try to keep your holiday season exactly the way it was before, it will increase your feeling of grief and loss, due to the missing member of your family. It is important to remind yourself that this year will be different, but you can try something different to help you and your family move on. For example, if you used to celebrate Christmas at your Grandmothers, this year gather at another family member’s house instead. You will miss the family tradition, but it will help everyone cope with the loss, and you can create new traditions and memories.

A Special Tribute

Some families find peace by honoring their loved ones through a special tribute. Ask your family members to share special memories of your loved one by telling stories and looking at old photo albums. Many extended family members may not know the stories that you tell. This will not only be therapeutic for you, but also allow them to learn more about the type of person your loved one was. You may even leave a seat empty seat at your holiday dinner table, in honor of your departed loved one. Perhaps before your family dinner, take a trip to the memorial resting place of your loved ones to bring holiday flowers.

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