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Elder Care in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Elder Care in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

A daughter was anxious and undecided about bringing in home care for her mother. Then her mom had a fall when she was alone and had to be hospitalized.  During hospitalization, her independence sharply declined and before her release the daughter had a very short time to set up a full schedule of home care.

The need for home care can arise suddenly. Are you prepared?

While there are many health reasons someone may find themselves in need of help at home, falls are a leading public health problem that is largely preventable. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every three adults aged 65 and older falls each year, which can cause moderate to severe injuries. Twenty to thirty people who fall suffer injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures, or head traumas.

Additionally, up to 5.3 million Americans currently have Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050 the number is expected to more than double due to aging of the population. Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and is the fifth leading cause among persons aged 65 and older.

The reality is, families are forced to make fast decisions regarding care for a loved one while under pressure. Having to decide on home care during a hospitalization, discharge from rehab, or when a family caregiver feels overwhelmed can ramp up stress during an already trying time.

What can you do?

Don’t wait. Establish a relationship with a caregiving agency that will build trust and improve your loved one’s ability to get around and to complete daily tasks. I have experienced and seen first-hand how a little help at home by a qualified home care agency can make it easier for a senior to live independently when the need is just beginning, and having a plan of care in place can help prevent a crisis down the road.

Fortunately for the daughter in our story, she had already built trust with an agency, Private Home Care Services. She started with a Caregiver four hours a day, one day a month, who helped with light housekeeping, shepherded her mother through home therapy exercises, and drove her to occasional appointments. After hospitalization, Mom returned home without incident and her more robust care needs were easily added to her existing Care Plan. She is doing great where she is happiest, at home.

What’s special about Private Home Care Services?

  1. High-quality service at great rates. We’re the homecare agency whose owners started in the hospitality industry so we emphasize client care. You benefit from the cost-savings of our non-franchise status too.
  2. Any number of hours. We are one of the few agencies who will give care for just as few or as many hours as you wish.
  3. You have our caregiver guarantee. We cheerfully work with you to bring the caregiver that fits your needs and personality. Each caregiver has at least two years of professional caregiving experience, has passed background checks, and is trained, licensed, insured and bonded.
  4. Contact Private Home Care Services and get answers about what options are available to meet your needs.
  5. Schedule a Complimentary Assessment with a member of our Client Services Team to personally assess your situation, needs and preferences and create a tailored Care Plan.
  6. Sign your Client Services Agreement which gives your permission to give care. This agreement contains the fine points of our commitment to you and can be modified at any time. There is no long-term obligation for service, just a request for 7-day notice as a courtesy to our caregivers. Sign your Agreement to begin service.

How can you get started?

When service begins, you are introduced to your carefully-matched Caregiver by one of our Client Services team who also orients your Caregiver to your situation, needs and preferences as outlined in your Care Plan.

Establishing a relationship with a home care service early on can increase a senior’s independence immediately. Down the road, when a sharp increase in need arises, you can easily adjust the Care Plan, saving your time and energy to share with your loved one.

About Joan Cisneros LPN

Joan Cisneros is COO and Agency Manager at Private Home Care Services of Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Joan has over 25 years of professional healthcare experience, including Private Duty Home Care, nursing, insurance, case management, training, and operations. Her area of expertise is Alzheimer¹s care, which she knows from both a professional and personal perspective. Her solid capabilities are enhanced by her compassionate approach and her personal mission to help people maintain their independence by providing the best possible home care.