The Doctor Recommends Elder Care in Hinsdale, IL. Now What?

Maybe you never really thought that it was going to happen, but as you walk away from your father’s doctor’s office, help your dad into the car, and get behind the wheel, your hands grip the cold steering wheel and you stare off into space, you’re thinking about what he said inside: your father should have some form of elder care if he wants to stay where he is.

Your dad used to be the man that you idolized as a child. He was strong, invincible, and the best man in the world in your young eyes. Not all that much has changed in the Elder Care in Hinsdale, ILyears since, except for the fact that you know he’s no longer invincible. He has been widowed for five years now and living alone, dealing with the loss of your mother, the love of his life, was the toughest thing for him. You supported him as much as you could and still you noticed his health declining, him getting weaker, his balance becoming as brittle as his bones. Now, his latest fall has brought you to this crossroad: that your father requires help in order to live at home and you just don’t know what to do.

The first thing is to take a few deep breaths and accept that this isn’t the end. This doesn’t mean that your father’s days are now number. While all of us end up with the same fate in the end, when your father needs elderly health care or another form of home care for the elderly, it just means that in order for him to continue to remain safe and healthy while living alone at home, he would benefit by a professional’s assistance.

So the first thing that you need to do, once you’ve taken the time to allow this notion sink in, is go online or start calling whatever home care for the elderly agencies that are in your region. You can certainly hire an independent home care provider whom you find in the classified section of the paper or online, but you should do a thorough background check to ensure you know the person who will be coming into your father’s home.

An agency checks all of the providers with whom they work, so they are reliable, professional, and experienced. Find out what levels of care they offer, whether your father qualifies for Medicare reimbursement, and how much it will cost. You’ll likely discover that elder care is much more affordable than you thought and you’ll quickly realize that it’s the best thing for your father in the long run. Sometimes the doctors get it right, you know.

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About Joan Cisneros LPN

Joan Cisneros is COO and Agency Manager at Private Home Care Services of Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Joan has over 25 years of professional healthcare experience, including Private Duty Home Care, nursing, insurance, case management, training, and operations. Her area of expertise is Alzheimer¹s care, which she knows from both a professional and personal perspective. Her solid capabilities are enhanced by her compassionate approach and her personal mission to help people maintain their independence by providing the best possible home care.