Elder Care in La Grange, IL: Seniors and Sexuality

Some topics in elder care more difficult for family elderly home care providers it to discuss, but are of such importance they need to be strongly considered. One such elder care topic is seniors and sexuality. Many people believe that as adult’s age, the desire for sexual intimacy with a partner, or even the identification as a sexual being, decreases considerably or even disappears. While it is true that most seniors do not openly discuss feelings of sexuality or their sexual experiences, studies have indicated that not only do aging adults still desire sexual closeness with their partners, but most report that their sexual experiences are actually enhanced as they grow older. There are many concepts that can explain this. First, aging often brings with it a greater sense of confidence and comfort in your own skin, as well as in your relationships with Elder Care in La Grange, ILother people. This helps to bring married couples closer together so that they are able to better express their sexual feelings and needs. Second, sex in old age is simply more accessible than it is for many young adults. The concept of unwanted pregnancy is no longer an issue, and therefore more opportunities to be alone together.

It is this alone time that is the most important consideration for elderly home care providers when it comes to acknowledging and respecting seniors and sexuality. Simply because you are providing elder care for your aging loved ones is not mean that you do not need to continue respecting their privacy and personal space, particularly in terms of couples who wish to spend time together. While openly discussing sexuality with your aging loved ones may not be an option for you, it is still important that you keep in mind that providing elderly care is not about taking over someone’s life, but rather doing what you can to protect and enhance it. Make discussing boundaries and privacy an important part of establishing an elder care arrangement with your aging loved ones so that everyone involved can continue to feel respected as an individual, as a part of a couple, and within the context of your relationship outside of care provider and senior.

Beyond of the privacy and intimacy issues of senior sexuality, however, are other difficult concepts that make your role as an elder care provider critical. If your aging loved one is not married and is still interested in engaging in sexual relationships, it is important to keep in mind that aging does not exclude a person from contracting serious sexually-transmitted diseases. If your aging loved one has cognitive concerns, it is also important for you to remember that while sexuality is a normal and natural human urge, consent issues are present even in seniors. Do not interfere with the choices of your aging loved one, but also be available to stand up for him should you notice that something dangerous or irresponsible is happening.

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