Innovative Elder Care in Oakbrook, IL: the Potential Benefits of Tea

Tea may be the most widely enjoy beverage in the world, but it is not until recently that the potential benefits of tea in elder care have been noticed. Providing effective elder care is about looking beyond just the conventions of the medical community and finding ways that you can help your aging loved one experience a higher quality of life in innovative ways. While providing home care for the elderly, encouraging the consumption of green tea may help your aging loved one experience a variety of health benefits.

Some of the elder care health benefits that have been linked to the regular consumption of green tea include:

  • Decreased instances of depression
  • Increased mental clarityElder Care in Oakbrook, IL
  • Increased cognitive processing
  • Improved memory functioning
  • Decreased instances of functional disability
  • Maintenance of a healthier body weight

Studies of the effects of green tea consumption and elder care have also suggested that those aging adults who regularly consume green tea are also more likely to make better nutritional choices over the long term. These nutritional choices are often combined with other positive lifestyle decisions such as increased exercise and richer social engagement that indicate a healthier lifestyle. Though it cannot be said that consuming green tea will automatically make your aging loved one eat a healthier diet, want to exercise more and suddenly participate in a variety of social activities, elderly care is about making steps every day that will help produce a positive overall quality of life for your aging loved one. Even if your senior enjoys only a few of the benefits of green tea, this makes this innovative elder care choice a positive step.

If you simply can’t convince your aging loved one to drink green tea even after changing the flavor with honey or citrus juice, or by offering it chilled as opposed to hot, consider discussing the potential benefits of a green tea supplement with your aging loved one’s physician. Though green tea is not known to be contraindicated with any medications, it is always the wisest choice to discuss any form of supplementation with a physician just to make sure.

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