Elder Care in River Forest, IL: October is Talk About Prescriptions Month

At least once a month we think about how life could be simplified if we just organized everything. Anything from maintenance to critical healthcare issues would be so much easier if there was some organization in our lives. Fall is a season of renewal where nature discards the old and prepares for the new. If we follow nature we can look at fall as a time to organize and renew our medical information and health status with our loved ones.

Every year the medication whether it be dosage size or frequency is more than likely changing for your loved one. At least once per year you should set aside some time to Elder Care in River Forest, ILdiscuss with them the current required medication regimen and how well it is being followed. Many times when seniors are feeling well they will skip medications that are necessary to make sure they stay that way. Even if it’s only once per year you should go over the medication regimen and make sure they understand why it is important for them to take the medication. Here are some things we can do to make keeping medications organized.

  1. Buy a plastic pill organizer that has separate places for each day. If your senior loved one has to take medicines at different times of the day buy a container that has 3 or 4 compartments for each day.
  2. The writing on prescription bottles may be difficult for seniors to read. Label all the pill bottles with easier to read labels. Buy white stick on labels and write the medication on the label.
  3. Create a listing of all the medications your parent is taking. Note the name of the medication, dosage, frequency, and supply duration.
  4. If you think your parent may be having problems remembering you can purchase a prescription dispenser that has alarms that go off to remind them to take the medication.
  5. Watch for any adverse reactions caused by the medication. Keep a journal to describe the adverse reactions in case they have to change doctors.
  6. Talk to your parent’s pharmacist and find out about side effects that may occur. If your parent is taking more than 3 different medications daily it might be necessary for them to take certain medications at certain times.
  7. Read the inserts the pharmacist puts with the medication. Ask the pharmacist questions about anything you are unsure about like drug interactions with certain foods and over the counter medications like aspirin.

As your parent ages, they may have had to switch doctors because of an illness, moving, or availability. Set up a visit at least once per year and talk to the doctor about all the medications your parent is taking. Find out about things like potential side effects and interactions with other medications they are taking. The better their medication is managed the better they will feel every day.

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