Elderly Care in Brookfield, IL: Art Therapy

Art therapy has known benefits, and can be used for seniors who still live at home to increase their well-being. The elderly care provider can use art to help the aging adult find new value in life and more ways to enjoy the blessing of each new day.

Art therapy is beneficial for anyone who is searching for increased personal development. It is constructive for people who face challenges in everyday living, such as those who have an illness or trauma.

Elderly Care in Brookfield, ILSome of the uses of art for helping with daily life are:

  • The ability to create gives the artist an affirmation or verification of their individuality
  • Enhances self-awareness as well as increasing awareness of other people
  • Aids in dealing with disease symptoms
  • Helps in coping with the stresses in life
  • Helps in coping with experiences that are very traumatic, such as loss of a spouse or loss of a grown child
  • It tends to enhance the cognitive abilities. This is especially beneficial for those who are dealing with dementia or other mental afflictions

Even debilitating conditions which afflict the fingers and hands, like Arthritis, can be improved through the use of art. It helps the aging adult to feel more capable and less demoralized by the physical challenges they face.

Some examples of art forms that can be fun and beneficial for seniors:

  • Felt and yarn crafts. These two materials are very soft on sensitive hands and tender skin.
  • Painting or drawing can be calming and allow the creative juices to flow. Drawing mediums can include pencil, pen, and felt marker. Painting may include water color or acrylics. It can be done on a small scale or on a larger scale for the senior who wants to tackle a bigger project.
  • Painting can be more than just on paper or canvas. A senior may enjoy painting pottery or ceramics.
  • Modeling with clay, or sculpting.

Art therapy not only encourages creativity and personal expression, it can have a positive influence on many areas of the senior’s life – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. It can also encourage socialization, if done in a setting where other seniors are also working on a piece of art, like a senior’s art class.

There have even been art activities that have been specifically designed for dementia patients for strengthening their memory. A simple online search can result in dozens of new ideas for using art therapy with seniors.

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