Important Tips for Elderly Care at Home in La Grange, IL

In each and every community or family, we have someone who is aged (elderly) and needs extra attention from us so that they can be able to live strong and healthy. It is our daily obligation to ensure that they are comfortable and have their social, physical, and emotional needs met. We have important tips that we can put into place when caring for them. Some of them are:

  1. Elderly Care in La Grange, ILWhat are their favorite foods? – The elderly have a smaller appetite and may need smaller portion sizes. It is important to plan a grocery shopping list that includes healthy foods and some of their favorites. Home care agency caregivers can prepare light meals at any time.
  2. Ask about their feelings – Have time to listen to our aging loved ones. Maybe they like to tell stories about when they were growing up, or maybe they have aches and pains that need attention. Listening to them will make them know that they are loved and cherished by everyone in the whole family.
  3. Offer to take them out on specific days – You can offer to take them out to lunch or to church or just to see an old friend.
  4. Capture their attention and play some games! You can play with them games like cards, dice and also board games which will keep their minds active.
  5. Ensure that they have their own privacy – Sometimes seniors feel a loss of dignity when they need help with bathing and toileting. Give them as much privacy for these activities as possible, as long as they are safe.
  6. For those who are vision impaired, read to your aging loved one, or ask the home care companion to read to them. Ask grandchildren to sing for them or let them listen to the radio.
  7. Laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry – This is very important as they will know you feel what they feel.
  8. Open up to them by telling them each new day how much you love them, let them know that you cherish them and are happy that they are part of you. Let the elderly know that they are the ones who put the smile on your face each day and you are very lucky to have the responsibility of taking care of them.
  9. Let them do things for you – Whenever they offer to do something, let them do it as long as it’s safe. Our aging loved ones still want to feel responsible, needed and as if they have a purposeful life.

What kinds of tips do you have for caring for an aging loved one? Even when elderly care services are involved, it’s good for families to have some extra ideas that help older seniors enjoy a full life.

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About Joan Cisneros LPN

Joan Cisneros is COO and Agency Manager at Private Home Care Services of Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Joan has over 25 years of professional healthcare experience, including Private Duty Home Care, nursing, insurance, case management, training, and operations. Her area of expertise is Alzheimer¹s care, which she knows from both a professional and personal perspective. Her solid capabilities are enhanced by her compassionate approach and her personal mission to help people maintain their independence by providing the best possible home care.