Elderly Care in Westchster, IL: Grieving for a Spouse

There are many people who will experience the death of their spouse. This is especially true for women who on average tend to outlive their husbands. Sometimes loss takes place after many decades of being together; sometimes couples found each other later in life before one of them passes away. Either way, there is a grieving process that must take place.

Elderly Care in Westchster, ILGrieving for the loss of a loved one is a very personal experience, and varies greatly from person to person. Bereavement is not a depressive disorder, unless things continue to go downhill after a few months have passed by. Untreated, bereavement will improve in time; untreated depression will not; it will worsen.

Sometimes it’s hard for an elderly care provider to tell if the aging loved one is experiencing grief or depression, because some of the symptoms are the same for both conditions, including lack of appetite, weight loss and insomnia.

Counseling can be an extremely helpful and valuable resource for the bereaved person. It can also help them deal with the reactions of family and friends who may be having a hard time knowing how to handle their grief.

After a year goes by the elderly person may be anxious about the anniversary of their spouse’s death, but at the same time find that they actually feel better than they expected to feel.

Establishing a routine of consistent exercise is a natural antidepressant and can increase the social interactions of the bereaved spouse. Staying involved in the church, community and social circles also lessens the fear of being alone.

It’s a time for taking little risks and chances, a time to recognize her own strengths and perhaps try new things. There’s still opportunity to live life to her fullest potential. It’s a good time for friends to show their support by continuing to include her in their groups and activities, even though she may be used to attending functions with a partner.

It is critical to avoid social isolation at this point. When seniors can start to reach out and become involved in other activities, they are able to get used to being single a lot quicker. When a person begins to explore life on her own after being with someone for so many years she can enter a phase of self-discovery that can turn into a big adventure. It helps to wash away the loneliness.

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