Focus on Home Care: Organizing Grocery Shopping

Home Care in River Forest, IL – Helping Your Elderly Loved One’s Home Care Provider Plan a Grocery List

Home care providers offer a variety of invaluable services for seniors coping with cognitive or physical limitations that make it difficult for them to handle daily tasks. Available for just a few hours a week or for 24-hour assistance, these care providers make it easier for your aging parents to live a high quality of life by offering help both in and out of the home. For many elderly adults, one of the most important tasks these care providers offer is grocery shopping.

Running errands is something most seniors were accustomed to doing on their own throughout their adults lives. With age, however, comes physical and cognitive challenges that make it difficult or even impossible for them to take care of these tasks on their own. When it comes to grocery shopping, your parents can have their care provider accompany them to the store so they can still get out and make shopping decisions, or can request the provider do the shopping on their own. However the shopping is done, it is important to plan ahead so you can feel confident your parents will have the food they need and their budget is maintained.

Follow these tips to help you organize and plan ahead for grocery shopping trips with your home care services provider:

• Note dietary restrictions. Make sure the care provider knows about any dietary restrictions your parents may have. This helps them control any off-list shopping and keeps them on track when it comes to preparing meals and snacks. Write these restrictions on a card the home care provider can carry with her for easy reference in the store

• Make a list. Organizing a grocery list is the simplest way of keeping shopping under control. Take your time when writing a grocery list for your elderly parents, ensuring you keep track of favorite foods and maintain supplies of core foods so they do not run out but also do not go to waste

• Plan in food groups. Grocery shopping can get overwhelming even for people who do it every week. Make the task simpler and help prevent missed items by planning your grocery list by food groups, aisles, or departments in the store. This lets your care provider move efficiently through the list and find everything

• Focus on nutrition. A few treats and snack foods are fine, but the bulk of your grocery list should focus on high-quality nutrition. It is important to remember that nutritional needs change as adults age and their appetites tend to diminish. This makes it vitally important to focus on serving meals packed with protein, vitamins, and whole grains to ensure they get as much nutrition as possible

• Plan meals ahead. Particularly if your parents’ home care provider prepares meals and helps with feeding, planning meals ahead makes it easy to shop for the right foods and keep them organized in the kitchen. Maintain your parents’ budget by avoiding the temptation to put convenience foods such as pre-cooked meats, chopped vegetables, or bagged salads on the list. Instead, make preparing the components on each planned meal an afternoon activity with your aging parents.

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