Helping Your Elderly Loved One Manage Arthritis During the Cold Winter Months

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During the cold winter months, many seniors suffering from arthritis note that they feel worse, although there’s little scientific evidence to explain this phenomenon. If you have an elderly loved one that deals with arthritis, there are things you can do to help them manage their arthritis pain this winter. Follow these tips and work with your elderly care providers for the best results.

Tip #1 – Ensure Seniors Dress Warmly

To prevent arthritis pain during the winter, make sure your elderly loved one dresses warmly when heading outside. Since it’s so cold, it’s important to keep areas that ache from arthritis well covered. Add extra layers over the legs and knees and help achy hands with gloves. For elderly women who want to wear skirts or dresses, adding leggings or tights underneath can help them say warm.

Tip #2 – Encourage Indoor Exercise

Unfortunately, some seniors make their arthritis worse during the winter because they fail to exercise. Exercise is important for older adults with arthritis. Lack of exercise results in increased joint inflammation and pain. During the colder months, many seniors become more sedentary, making their symptoms even worse. Even though it may be too cold to work outdoors, work with in-home care professionals to ensure your loved one gets some exercise each day. Whether it’s walking at a warm mall, working on equipment at home, or heading to a heated swimming pool for a swim, indoor exercise can go a long way towards relieving your loved one’s arthritis pain.

Tip #3 – Talk to a Physician About a Vitamin D Supplement

Many seniors don’t get enough vitamin D, particularly in the winter months, since they spend little time outdoors in the sun. A vitamin D deficiency has the potential to make problems with osteoarthritis even worse. If you think your loved one may have a deficiency, talk to your elderly care provider or your senior’s physician about a vitamin D supplement.

Tip #4 – Keep the Diet Healthy

It’s easy to turn to comfort foods during the winter months, which means that many seniors end up gaining weight during the long, cold months. Unfortunately, weight gain only puts more stress on the joints, exacerbating arthritis. Work together with your elderly care professional to come up with a healthy diet plan for your loved one. Focus on healthy, nutrient rich foods that will support overall health without resulting in weight gain during the winter.

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