Home Care in La Grange, IL – Approaching the Idea of Home Care with your Senior Family Member

Home Care in La Grange, ILWatching our parents or grandparents age is not always the easiest situation to handle. Something that can also be difficult is having a talk with your aging loved one when you feel that a home care companion might be necessary to help with everyday activities. Things like cooking, doing the dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and laundry can become harder as the aging process takes its course on a body. These are all household duties that a home care companion can assist with; however, convincing your senior loved one that they need help can be a challenge.

You will want to be sure to approach the conversation about home care when the moment is right; be sure that your senior loved one is free of stress and in a good environment to have open dialogue. The conversation needs to be approached in a positive manner with all of the advantages pointed out.

The first and foremost positive aspect of relying on a home care companion is that your loved one will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home. Knowing that they can stay where they are familiar is sure to be looked at as a benefit. This can also reassure them that they will be able to maintain their independence–stress the fact with your loved one that a home care companion is there to help, not to take away their ability to accomplish tasks.

If you or other family members have been caring for your senior family member, you can explain to your parent or grandparent that with a home care companion assisting them, this will free up time to do more enjoyable things when they are together with you or other family members. Rather than having to do the grocery shopping, medication pick up, or other errands, explain to your loved one that you can spend time going to a movie, out to lunch, or visiting friends and family.

Make sure that your loved one can be a part of the decision process when choosing a home care companion. It is important that your senior loved one knows that a home care companion is going to be matched to their personality and needs. Allow your aging family member to meet the home care companion before they come to the house for the first time; this can be done in a positive, friendly environment, such as over coffee or lunch. You can also begin this relationship with your senior family member and a home care companion by doing something casual for their first meeting together; maybe they could cook a favorite recipe together or go on a shopping trip.

Emphasizing the facts that a thorough criminal background check, drug testing, and driving record have all been checked on a home care companion can ease a senior’s worries about safety, privacy, and security.

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