How a Home Care Provider Can Help Your Parent Maintain Independence with Household Tasks

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Home Care in La Grange ILThe loss of independence, whether it is real or perceived, can be tremendously challenging for a senior in a home care relationship. Particularly for those seniors who have been accustomed to living on their own and handling all of the tasks for themselves and their families throughout their adult lives, this can feel like they are no longer useful, beneficial, or capable of maintaining a high quality of life. Finding ways to help support your parent’s feelings of independence will protect his mental and emotional health, and encourage him to stay active, involved, and healthy throughout his aging years.

A home care provider can be invaluable in helping your aging parent to feel more independent. One way that they can do this is through the basic household tasks that must be done in your parent’s home. These are often some of the first things that suffer when a senior begins to experience limitations and challenges, but they do not have to go completely. The care provider can make changes that will enable your parent to stay actively involved in caring for himself and his home. This will make him feel more valuable and give him a sense of purpose that wards off feelings of depression, anxiety, and loss of motivation.

Some of the ways that a home care provider can help your parent maintain independence through household tasks include:

• Encourage him to handle what he can. It is easy to fall into the habit of just handling everything for your loved one. This is usually the fastest way to get things done and is the way that you can ensure it is done properly to your expectations. Doing this, however, takes away your parent’s ability to do anything. A care provider can encourage your parent to try different tasks and find the things that he can do. Taking all the time that is needed for your parent to be involved is not a problem for a care provider, so he might be able to identify tasks that your parent can handle at least partially that you never would have expected.

• Create a schedule. Your parent might not be able to do the dishes and the laundry and wipe down the counters on the same day. He might, however, be able to do the laundry on one day, fold it on the next, do the dishes on the next, and wipe down the counters on the next. The care provider can help your parent to come up with a useful schedule to break down tasks and make them more approachable in the context of his needs and challenges.

• Modify the tasks. No matter how independent your parent wants to be, there will be some tasks that he is simply not able to do on his own. This does not mean that he cannot be a part of them at all. The care provider can modify care tasks to make them more manageable for your parent. This can mean changing how something is done or dividing the work so that your parent is involved as much as he can be while the care provider handles other aspects of the care.

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