Home Changes to Make Home Care in La Grange, IL Safer

Caring for their home is a source of great pride for many people. They love being able to keep their surroundings clean and beautiful, and welcoming friends and family into their home to enjoy these surroundings is a great source of pleasure. For some seniors, however, taking care of their home may have become difficult or even impossible due to mobility issues and cognitive concerns. When this occurs, it is not only an indication that your aging loved ones may benefit from home care services, but also the changes can be made to their home to make it safer.

Home Care in La Grange, ILAn in home care provider can help your aging loved one take care of his home by taking on light housekeeping and laundry responsibilities and being present to help him with mobility concerns while doing projects such as gardening. This home care services worker can also help to indicate areas of the home that may be posing dangers to loved ones, and give recommendations for home changes that can make providing home care safer for your loved one and for the in home care provider.

One of the main areas of the home that should be modified in order to make home care services safer is the bathroom. A huge percentage of accidents that happen in the home happen in the bathroom, and for seniors, these accidents can be truly devastating. Seniors are much more susceptible to serious injury, so it is critical that changes be made to this potentially dangerous room in order to protect the senior and his in home care provider. Changes may include installation of grab bars beside the toilet and in the shower, use of nonslip grips on the shower floor and installation of a handheld shower head to make bathing your aging loved one easier.

If you are concerned about the safety of your aging loved ones home, or are planning on implementing home care services in the near future and want to ensure the safety of your loved ones and their in home care provider, contact a home health care services agency in your area and request a home evaluation. This home care services agency will send a representative to investigate to the home and determine if there are areas that should be modified for safety. Remember that the safety of an in home care provider is also an important consideration for home safety, so you want to be sure that your home is well equipped.

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