Guaranteeing Your Parents Get the Home Care Services that They Deserve in La Grange, IL

Home care services can be an incredible benefit to you and your aging loved ones. Whether your seniors lives in your home or in their own, an in home care provider offers tremendous support for meeting their ongoing physical, medical and emotional needs. This does not mean, however, that you are disconnected from the care that your aging loved ones receive, or that you should blindly trust the home care services companion to make all decisions regarding the care that your loved ones will receive.

Home Care Services in La Grange ILGuaranteeing your parents get the home care services that they deserve is about maintaining an open line of communication with the home care services companion and never hesitating to make your opinions known so that you can feel sure your parents are receiving the care that they need and deserve on a regular basis.

Make sure that you express to their in a home care provider how you feel about:

  • Your parents’ nutrition
  • Your expectations regarding the amount of housekeeping, meal preparation and other tasks the in home care provider will be responsible for
  • Your expectations regarding the amount of transportation she will be responsible for providing
  • How often you would like her to bring your parents on outings
  • The type of recreation entertainment you would like to be provided
  • Your expectations regarding the medical attention they should be given
  • Your expectations regarding the hygienic and personal care attention they should be getting
  • Your expectations regarding the dignity and privacy issues of your parents

You should also be prepared to discuss with your home care services companion any concerns that your parents raise with you regarding the care that they are receiving. If these concerns are not addressed properly and promptly, do not hesitate to go to the in home health care services agency to discuss changing your companion. Guaranteeing your parents get the home care services that they deserve is about knowing your parents and being willing to stand up for them so that they get the level of attention and the personalized care that they need. Think of their in home care provider as an extension of you, and make sure that she is offering your parents the care that you would provide for them.

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About Joan Cisneros LPN

Joan Cisneros is COO and Agency Manager at Private Home Care Services of Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Joan has over 25 years of professional healthcare experience, including Private Duty Home Care, nursing, insurance, case management, training, and operations. Her area of expertise is Alzheimer¹s care, which she knows from both a professional and personal perspective. Her solid capabilities are enhanced by her compassionate approach and her personal mission to help people maintain their independence by providing the best possible home care.