Checklists for New Home Care Services Companion in Oak Brook Terrace, IL

Establishing home care services for your aging loved one is one of the best ways that you can assure he is getting the type of care that he needs and deserves on a daily basis, even when you are not able to provide this care yourself. Most seniors express strong options about their desire to age in place and are receptive to the idea of a home care companion being available throughout the day to help him take care of his activities of daily living, manage his medical needs and enjoy a higher quality of life than he would be able to achieve without this type of care.

Home Care Services in Oak Brook Terrace, ILIn order to make the most out of the in home care provider who will be taking care of your loved one, it is important that you are clear with your expectations, as well as important details about your loved one. Remember that your loved one is a unique individual, and regardless of the number of seniors for whom this home care provider has cared, she is going into a new experience with your loved one just as much as he is going into a new experience with her.

One of the best techniques for ensuring that your loved one’s in home care provider is providing home care that you feel is successful and efficient is to create daily checklists. While you may feel uncomfortable leaving such detailed instructions for another adult, it is important to remember that this home care services provider is your employee and is obligated to meet your expectations. Checklists can also make your car provider more comfortable and confident as she transitions into this new position. Knowing clearly what is expected of her will help her to create a pattern and ensure she is doing all she is supposed to do on a regular, consistent basis.

Checklists can be used in several ways. You can create master lists, laminate them and keep them in an easily-accessible place so the care provider can reference them throughout the day. You can also choose to print new lists each day and request the caregiver actually check them off as they are completed, or place a notation of the time that specific goals were accomplished. This is particularly effective for in home care providers who will be providing care for a senior who needs ongoing care on a specific schedule every day.

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