Do you know if your aging loved one is falling?

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of Seniors fall each year and less than half inform their families or doctors. If your loved one has fallen their chances of falling again doubles. The affects of a fall can have serious impact on your loved ones overall well being. Falls are especially traumatizing for Seniors […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for your Aging Loved One

As the Holiday season quickly approaches, it is very easy to become stressed about gift selection. There are several people that you must buy for, including your aging loved ones. Here are some great gift ideas to take the burden of selecting gifts for your aging loved ones off your shoulders. Comfort Comfort is a […]

Transitioning your Loved One to Home Care

Since birth, our parents have been caring for us and looking out for our best interest. As we both grow older, it is time for us children to step up to the plate and take on the caregiver role. As our parents age it can oftentimes be difficult to attend to all their needs on […]

Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One During the Holidays

Growing up as a young child, holidays are designed as a time to spend and cherish memories with friends and extended family. As we grow older, we have to accept that holiday traditions will change due to aging loved ones. Since the holidays are meant to spend time with family, how do you cope when […]

When Should your Aging Loved One Retire their Driver’s License?

Are you beginning to notice that your aging loved one is having difficulty driving? Not sure if you’re just worrying about their well-being? The state of Illinois has implemented a list of regulations to help identify whether or not your loved one is becoming an unsafe driver, and to take some of the burden of […]

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

In 1983 approximately 2 million Americans were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. In response to the growing number of people affected by Alzheimer’s, President Ronald Reagan designated November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Today, over 5.4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s Disease, often referred to as Alzheimer’s, is a neurological disease. Alzheimer’s causes […]

How Halloween can be stress-free for your aging loved one

Halloween is fast approaching, and although it’s a time of celebration and fun, it’s also a stressful time for those who suffer from memory loss or Alzheimer’s. Despite its fun and lighthearted notion, Halloween can prove to be an issue for seniors—as well as their family and friends. The constant opening and closing of their […]

The Importance of Exercise for Your Aging Loved One

As we age it becomes more important than ever to consider our health and how staying active can benefit us. Exercises change for different age groups. When we are young exercise comes easily. We aren’t worried about our bodies not responding the way we want them to. We can move with grace, dexterity and agility. […]

Fun and Nutritious Fall Recipes for Seniors

As the wind picks up a chill and the weather becomes colder, we’re ready to turn to our favorite comfort foods to fill us up and keep us warm. We’ve put our swimsuits away and dug out our oversized sweaters but that doesn’t mean we should stop watching what we eat. Nutrition is important in […]

Pets and Companionship: Is a pet a good idea for your aging loved one?

There’s nothing better than coming home to a companion who cannot contain their excitement to see you, jumping up and down, waiting for you to say hi. As our parents age, it’s only natural that we begin to worry about them living on their own—especially if they have been widowed.   Many studies have shown […]