Senior Care before It’s Needed in La Grange, IL?

Senior Care in La Grange, ILMandy’s mother was okay. She didn’t need any real help getting around the house and her health was decent. For being in her late seventies, the woman was full of fire and seemed to be busier than she was half the time. One day, while Mandy was browsing the Internet for work related issues, she came across a site that mentioned senior care and senior care services.

At first, she didn’t think much about it and clicked on to the next site, but within a few moments, she came back to it out of curiosity. She wondered if her mother might benefit from this level of care. The main concern was something that was posted on the senior health care services website. It had said, ‘Home alone?’

That was all that was needed to get Mandy thinking about her mother being in a large house all by herself. Mandy had long wondered why her mother felt the need to remain in that big house since her husband, Mandy’s stepfather, had passed away. They had moved into the home about 10 years ago and even though that’s a long time, Mandy didn’t think that meant she was so attached to it. After all, it wasn’t like it was the home they had shared together for 40 or 50 years.

Still, her mother was content and happy there and refused to even consider moving. At least not at this time. And with Mandy living more than 3 hours away, she often worried about her mother all alone. So she began to think about senior care services.

She contacted the agency that hosted the website and talked to them about this level of care. She wanted to know whether her mother could qualify to receive any form of senior care service, even though she was fine and healthy in other aspects of her life. They told her that as long as they were willing to pay, and as long as her mother would be openly willing to receive senior care, then there was no reason why she couldn’t gain some support and assistance at home. They urged Mandy to talk about the prospect with her mother first, before considering any other action.

“You should respect your mother’s option,” the administrator told Mandy. For Mandy’s mother, it wasn’t time for that level of care … yet, but the conversation started and that is often an important step in the process of caring for an aging loved one.

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