Senior Care in La Grange, IL: Helping Manage Finances

Finances can be a problem for seniors. Seniors have to learn how to adjust to living each month on a budget. Seniors have always had a check once a week or twice a month, but now that they have retired they will learn how to handle their finances differently.

How do you offer help with finances to a senior?

Senior Care in La Grange, ILThis can sometimes be a difficult subject to have to discuss with your aging loved one, but one that needs to be addressed. You want to make sure that your senior has enough finances to purchase the items they need each month along with maintaining their bills.

What steps can a senior care provider do to help with finances?

If you are handling your senior’s finances, then you want to make sure that the senior has all their needs met financially. The first thing you need to do is sit down with your senior and go over the monthly bills. This will let you know what bills the senior has to pay each month such as utilities, taxes, insurance and other household expenses. Lay out the amounts for these monthly bills so they are paid each month. You also want to know what expenses need to be set aside for doctor’s visits and medications. Most seniors have several medications they need to take each month and these need to be put in the budget.

Too many times a senior will do without medicine if they don’t have the money to cover the cost. You also want to budget for groceries.  Many seniors will cut corners with their food as they don’t feel they can afford it. Don’t let your senior go without food or medication because they don’t think they can afford it.

Once you have the budget set out for the month of the senior, then you will see how much everything will cost the senior. If your senior doesn’t have any extra money, you will know that you will have to do to help your aging loved one with money from time to time.

You want your senior to feel like they are still independent. This is very important for our aging parents. Once you take away independence, a senior feels they are useless to their family and have become a burden. Senior care finances can be done by any member of the family. This will set up a budget for your senior to allow them to pay their bills and afford the important things they need in life.

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