Our Caregivers

senior-caregivers-la-grange-ilAt Private Home Care Services, we carefully match each Client and Caregiver to ensure a good fit.

Starting with your complimentary in-home assessment, our Client Services Team develops your tailored Care Plan. Based on your Care Plan, our Caregiver Team chooses one of our select Caregivers.

Who are our proven, select Caregivers?

Each of our Caregivers is a cherished employee. Private Home Care Services does not use independent contractors.

  • Each Caregiver has over 2 years professional caregiving experience in an assisted living, private or clinical care environment.
  • Each Caregiver has passed a complete background check.
  • Each Caregiver is fully trained in non-medical client care.
  • Each Caregiver receives training to fulfill specific client needs.
  • Each Caregiver is chosen for their compassionate and caring approach.

What has each Caregiver passed in their Complete Background Check?

  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • State and National Sex Offender Registry search
  • Illinois Criminal Database Search
  • Illinois Health Care Worker Registry search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Employment and reference verification
  • Residence verification for past 7 years
  • Motor Vehicle Report and proof of auto insurance (if driving is necessary)

 What do we cover for each of our Caregivers?

  • 24/7 Caregiver call-in support
  • Scheduling and backup
  • Payroll and Taxes
  • Insured
  • Licensed
  • Bonded

What topics are covered in basic Caregiver training?

  • Observing and reporting changes in a client’s capabilities or mental status.
  • Connecting with clients having communication challenges such as hearing loss or dementia.
  • Performing personal care such as bathing and toileting; caring for hair, skin, nails and teeth; dressing; feeding and medication reminding; and help with positioning, transfers, exercise and walking.
  • Controlling infection and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.
  • Recognizing and knowing what to do in an emergency, including basic first aid.
  • Keeping client information confidential, including personal, financial and health information.
  • Understanding of abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirements.

What are examples of client-specific Caregiver training?

  • Introduction and orientation to the client’s needs as outlined in the tailored Care Plan.
  • Training on a client’s particular adaptive equipment such as a mechanical lifting device.
  • Implementation of a client’s emergency preparedness plan.
  • In the case of advanced care, we have Caregivers specifically trained in cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s & Dementia, as well as fall prevention.

We promote a social model of caregiving, featuring Caregiver interaction with the Client throughout the day. With their special combination of physical and companionable caregiving skills, our Caregivers play a key role in our mission of enabling our Clients to live safely and comfortably independent at home.