Spring Cleaning for a Reason as Part of Senior Care

Home Care Services in Downer’s Grove, IL – April 18-24 is Cleaning for a Reason Week

Home Care Services in Downer's Grove, ILApril 18-24 is Cleaning for a Reason Week and it’s a good time to discuss cleaning as part of senior care.

Any senior who has been living in the same place for a long time, whether it’s been five years, 10 years, or even 40 years or more will likely have a tendency to have acquired numerous items and possessions through those years. They may have many things stored in closets, in the basement, or even in an attic. They might not even remember half of the stuff they’ve accumulated through all of that time.

With spring finally here and in full bloom across the country, it’s time to open the doors, throw open the windows, and invite fresh air to flow throughout the house. It’s also time to begin thinking about cleaning the house from top to bottom, getting rid of all of the dust that has accumulated on ceiling fans, on top of moldings, on top of cabinets and furniture, and everywhere else.

Thoroughly cleaning in spring can help provide the sense of refreshment for people of all ages. So what would the reason be for a senior who has been living in the same house and now requires some type of extra care? Why would they even need to bother cleaning thoroughly?

First and foremost, when you clean, you get rid of a great deal of allergens, pollutants, dust, and other particulates that can cause health issues, respiratory problems, and discomfort. Second, clean surfaces simply look brighter and have a greater shine to them. It can have a direct impact on emotional health and well-being.

When you’re looking at thoroughly cleaning through the spring season, you can go beyond cleaning and start downsizing. Empty out boxes, go through the basement, and sift through the attic and begin getting rid of many items that no longer have any use for the senior by either donating them or selling them at a garage sale.

Believe it or not, dust and dirt that accumulates in the attic will invariably make its way down into the rest of the house, thus causing more dust throughout many rooms in the house as well.

For the elderly individual who relies on senior home services to assist them getting out of bed, doing laundry, preparing meals, and much more, they may need assistance with spring cleaning as well. The main reason everyone should take this opportunity to clean in their home is to clean out the old, clear out the dust, and make a fresh start for the coming summer season which usually brings people outside, encourages them to open windows, and helps them boost their emotional state of mind.

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