Fun and Nutritious Fall Recipes for Seniors

As the wind picks up a chill and the weather becomes colder, we’re ready to turn to our favorite comfort foods to fill us up and keep us warm. We’ve put our swimsuits away and dug out our oversized sweaters but that doesn’t mean we should stop watching what we eat. Nutrition is important in […]

Elder Care Recipes: Hearty Autumn Quinoa

Elder Care in Downers Grove, IL The power of quinoa is undeniable. This hearty little grain is one of the few plant-based sources of a complete protein, is packed with dietary fiber, and offers a wide array of vitamins and other nutrients. Finding ways to incorporate quinoa into your elder care plan is a great way […]

Elder Care Meal Plan Ideas

Elder Care in Downer’s Grove, IL A number of factors have a direct effect on the diet of aging aging seniors. A decrease in appetite, fixed incomes, medication side effects, and digestive patterns changing could be the culprits for the alterations to meal plans. Even though it may seem impossible for elder care providers and aging […]

Elder Care and Dentures in Downers Grove, IL: 3 Medical Conditions that Affect Them

Dentures have been the solution to tooth loss for many years. One out of four people 65 and older lose their teeth and need to get dentures. Elder care can play a part in helping a loved one maintain good oral hygiene. However, certain health conditions can have an effect on an elder’s dentures and […]

Elder Care in Downers Grove, IL: Helping the Elderly Maintain a Sense of Purpose

Elderly adults who are winding down their physical activity and perhaps battling illness or injury can often give up the sense of hope that keeps a person active and engaged. They may not feel like they still have a purpose in life. As an elderly home care provider, you can encourage your aging adult to […]