Elder Care Tips: Convincing Your Parents to Plan for Long-Term Care

Elder Care in La Grange IL Not all seniors who are on elder care journeys with family caregivers need extensive care. In fact, many seniors, even those who have home care providers who come to the home and offer them care and assistance a few times a week, continue to live active, engaged, healthy, and largely […]

Should You Be Concerned About Senior Driving Safety?

Elder Care in La Grange, IL – When is it Time to Hang Up the Keys? Seniors often consider themselves to be good drivers. However, there comes a time when most of them start having minor accidents, and that is when you need to wonder if it’s safe for them to drive any more. In […]

Elder Care in La Grange, IL: Seniors and Sexuality

Some topics in elder care more difficult for family elderly home care providers it to discuss, but are of such importance they need to be strongly considered. One such elder care topic is seniors and sexuality. Many people believe that as adult’s age, the desire for sexual intimacy with a partner, or even the identification […]