Elder Care Recipes: Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Elder Care in Oak Park, IL Serving a treat after dinner or as an afternoon snack is a fun way to make any day in your elder care routine more special and give both your elderly parents and you a bit of an emotional boost. While a bit of indulgence is great, when you can […]

Elder Care in Oak Park, IL: Embracing the Great Elder Care Moments Helps Ease the Difficult Ones

We all know that there are going to be good moments and bad moments at any point in life. In fact, even within a single week there are usually plenty of good moments and a few bad ones. That holds true for elder care as well. Yet, for elder care providers, those bad moments may seem […]

Fall Cleanup is Here: Make It an Elder Care Event in Oak Park, IL

Well, the leaves are finally starting to turn (and in some parts of the country, it seems as though it’s a little late this year) and that means they are also beginning to fall all over. That means it’s also just about time for fall cleanup and this could make a great elder care event. […]