Elderly Care Nutrition: National Garlic Day

Elderly Care in La Grange IL: Garlic is a beloved flavor enhancer that is used in a wide variety of cuisines. Here is a great recipe for celebrating the delicious flavor.

Elderly Care in La Grange, IL: What to do if you Suspect Incontinence

The fear of a bladder accident can prevent your elderly loved one from wanting to be around other people. It can isolate them from friends and family. Over 25 million American adults cope with this embarrassing condition. They may think they have to live with it, but in fact incontinence is not a regular part […]

Important Tips for Elderly Care at Home in La Grange, IL

In each and every community or family, we have someone who is aged (elderly) and needs extra attention from us so that they can be able to live strong and healthy. It is our daily obligation to ensure that they are comfortable and have their social, physical, and emotional needs met. We have important tips […]