The Bright Spot in the Day for Someone with Vision Problems May be Home Care

Home Care in Oakbrook, IL

Home Care in Oakbrook, ILKelly had often been an extremely social person throughout most of her life. As she got older, though, things began to change. She had a tendency to withdraw from activities, spending time with friends, and more. This was a curious change in her behavior that caused her family a significant amount of concern.

They had talked to her about the prospect of home care, but she was adamantly against relying on somebody to take care of her. After all, she could still get out of bed, get herself to a doctor’s appointment, go shopping, and do most of those basic things that were necessary for healthy living.

As she moved through her 70s and into her 80s, Kelly dealt with new physical and health problems just about every year. One of those problems was a diminished level of her eyesight. It got to the point when she finally agreed that an in-home care provider would be a benefit. She didn’t want to hire somebody to come to her home at all hours of the day and even during the night. She just wanted somebody there every few days.

She kept thinking about all of the worst-case scenarios in which she would go blind, wouldn’t be able to live at home any longer, and much more. She began to look forward to the visits with the home care aide. This woman, a caregiver in her 40s, had a great deal of experience working with other elderly clients. She noticed a change in Kelly’s behavior and demeanor, as well as her tendency to squint when watching TV or doing other activities.

Those visits that became the bright moment in Kelly’s life also helped to save her vision. The caregiver asked Kelly point blank whether she was having difficulty seeing. She finally admitted it and was encouraged to make an appointment with her eye care professional. It was discovered she had cataracts and with a basic laser surgical procedure, she was able to see clearly once again.

It made those visits with home care even more special because Kelly really felt somebody was looking out for her best interest and health. June is Cataracts Awareness Month, and for any senior who may be having difficulty seeing clearly, it’s time to make an appointment for an eye exam.

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